Who we are

We are an independent philanthropic organisation, headquartered in Phortse with office in Kathmandu.

We work to transform the lives of poor and vulnerable children whose loose their parents during every climbing season to everest.

Mr Tashi Lama established a trekking company “ Tenboche Trekking” to support the school and the orphans of phortse village giving preference to those who lay their life in trekking the everest. After that Tashi Lama with other two friends from phortse village viz Phunuru Sherpa and Palden Namgyal Sherpa opened this foundation. The aim of the foundation is to provide support to the orphans of the village of phortse, who loose more than 60 sherpas involved in helping tourists scale the Mt. Everest. due to snow avalanches & other accidents during season every year. This phortse foundation aims to help such orphan children by supporting them in their education right from schooling to college. Further the foundation aims to improve the condition of local phortse school by supporting the same in different ways.

Areas of work include children and mothers’ health and nutrition, children’s education and welfare.

TLSF (The little sherpa foundation) funded programmes place significant emphasis on quality data and evidence. Before making an investment and during implementation, TLSF works with partners to measure and evaluate progress to achieve large scale and sustainable impact.

The foundation aims to utilize the funding received for

Uplifting the life of children of sherpas who loose their life in mountain.

Support the medical treatment of sherpas who are injured due to accidents in mountain.

Support poor children from phortse village

Build a place and share the experience of 66 summiteers with aspiring climbers and explain them about Sherpa culture.