Our Approach

We are clear about our desired impact: transformational change to development approaches that will dramatically improve child survival, learning gains outcomes. TLSF (The Little Sherpa Foundation) invests where the evidence indicates that there is the potential to make the greatest difference.

With an overarching devotion to high-impact funding for children, there are three distinctive features of TLSF’s approach when selecting and managing projects with our partners.

Clear about success - When deciding to invest, we articulate clearly the impact we aim to achieve, how this will be sustained, and how an investment will advance our efforts to achieve positive and transformational change locally.

Explicit use of data – TLSF focuses on the areas where data tells us that we have opportunities to dramatically improve large numbers of children’s lives. Then, we use reliable evidence to monitor our progress toward ultimate success.

Managed investing - Much of the evidence used in development work is generated in relatively controlled settings. Translating these insights into impact at scale requires commitment to a process of trial, monitoring and course correction. TLSF stays engaged throughout each investment until quality thresholds are delivered and the programme is adequately institutionalized.